by Danielle Gorodenzik | 24.06.18

In a narrow alley between Herzl and Yafo Street lies Uganda, the nightlife staple in Tel Aviv known for their keen taste in music and laid-back vibe. Founded in Jerusalem, the bar is an ideal spot to drink a beer, catch up with friends and browse a selection of hand-picked records ranging from electronic to hip-hop music.

Under the electronic techno record label Confused Machines, since 2015 Uganda has released music by Roni Hajaj, Ofer Tisser and The Models, among others. Also functioning as a venue for the Tel Aviv community, Uganda hosts exhibitions and music events just on the cusp of Florentine. Uganda is always bustling with the movers and shakers of the arts and culture scene. With a variety of beers and ciders, Uganda is the go-to bar for culture and the occasional homemade hummus – they announce on social media whenever they whip up a batch.

Uganda, Beit Habad Alley 5, Tel Aviv

Photos by David Havrony


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