Gordon Gallery is on the Move

by Danielle Gorodenzik | 18.06.18

Philip Rantzer, Bicycle cart, 2017, acrylic on cardboard boxes, tricycle, and wood

It is a monumental moment in Israeli art, Gordon Gallery is moving from their Ben Yehuda location, where the branch has stood for over 35 years, to south Tel Aviv. The well-established gallery launched in 1966 is dedicated to hosting exhibitions with a loaded roster of Israeli and international artists.

The Ben Yehuda final exhibition is a crash course in Israeli art history through the eyes of Gordon Gallery. The mini-biography of the gallery’s collection shows lesser-known works by notorious artists such as Raffi Lavie and self-portraits by Aviva Uri. The artworks are divided thematically showing off the diverse techniques of the artists such as Mitchel Plantic, Yehiel Shemi, and Dganit Berest.

Meticulously arranged, each corner is packed from ceiling to floor with sculptures, paintings, and videos spanning through decades from the 1960s until today. The final exhibition concludes Gordon Gallery’s north Tel Aviv chapter celebrating generations of artists and marks the start of a geographic movement. The gallery’s new location will be neighbored by Alon Segev Gallery, just a step away from Gordon’s Hapalech branch.

Catch the exhibition at Gordon Gallery before June 30, Ben Yehuda Street 95, Tel Aviv.

Aviva Uri, Self Portrait, acrylic on canvas

Raffi Lavie, untitled, 1976, oil on wood

Shosh Kormosh, Order and Cleanliness (L28), 1994-1995, silver print,

Deganit Berest, The Conspiracy of Nature, 1988

Pnina Reichman, Untitled, 1980-1982, acrylic on paper mounted to bulletin board

Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope, The Pathology 1, 2018, mixed media

Michel Platnic, After Painting 1978, 2013, video


Alima, Untitled, 1971, oil on canvas

Ido Bar-El, Untitled, mixed media on street sign

Deganit Berest

Larry Abramson, Black Square IV, 1978

Yechiel Shemi, Syllable, c. 1970

Asaf Ben Zvi, Lighthouse, 2014, oil and charcoal on canvas


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