Farma Cultura

by Danielle Gorodenzik | 08.04.18

Join the club, the culinary agricultural club. Rooted twenty minutes north of Tel Aviv in the heart of Moshav Bnei Zion is the organic vegetable farm, Farma Cultura. Established by one of the village founders, grandfather, pioneer agronomist, and organic grower, Asher Hand, left his legacy and nursery in the 1980s. After being abandoned for years the lush garden was groomed to become Farma Cultura.

Today, the farm is an open inviting space showing first hand how they plant, harvest and grow their organic fruits and vegetables. At the entrance of the estate is the charming eco-shop serving green shakes and freshly picked produce from the grounds. Overlooking the horizon, the farmland is nurtured by Permaculture methods – a philosophy of agricultural ecosystems that work with nature designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient by looking at plants and animals in all their functions.

Visitors are invited to stroll through the flower beds, visit the eco-store, and participate in a medley of workshops: permaculture methods, cooking, superfood nutrition, and sustainability. To get the full scope, try Farma Cultra’s farm-to-table meals, the flavor-rich dishes handcrafted from the local landscape are offered to the public daily and hospitable for private events. But the culinary adventure does not stop at Bnei Zion, to top it all off you can relish in the memorable flavors daily by having seasonal harvest selected from the grounds delivered directly to your home, the farm delivers to North Tel Aviv neighborhoods. The culinary playground is open Monday through Friday to ensure the freshest quality produce. Devoted to the quality of taste, nutrition, and creating a sustainable environment, the garden is for all food lovers.

Farma Cultura, HaManim St 56, Bnei Zion | Facebook | Instagram

Photos by Farma Cultura


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