Solar Plexus

by Danielle Gorodenzik | 21.05.17

On the cusp of Tel Aviv, between cement and skyscrapers, lies the latest site-specific work Solar Plexus by Shenkar alumni Limor Tamir and Yaniv Amar with artists Hadar Azaria, Amnon Benshalom, Tom Marcus, Maayan Kraim, and in collaboration with four students from Shenkar’s School of Multidisciplinary Art.


After Tamir and Amar’s impressive site-specific work Hannah_Land at Zoom 2016, they wanted to create a large project with the resources they had available. The two reinvigorated an abandoned space across from Shenkar’s Art Department Building, the location which also marks the start of the duo’s collaboration during their third year of studies. The 8-month project Solar Plexus sprouted organically and while transforming the location they uncovered the history of the space and connected with friendly neighbors.

IMG_3767 copy


Behind a wooden door is the half acre installation which is a mix between a garden, home, and a space that is not yours. It is truly an experience, not an exhibition, up for the spectator’s interpretation. Each detail has specific intentions by the artists making it difficult to recognize what objects and plants were there originally. From tree houses to shrines Solar Plexus will be open for one night and is not an experience to be missed!


IMG_3764 copy

IMG_3599 copy 2

IMG_3708 copy 2



IMG_3709 copy 2

IMG_3722 copy 2

Solar plexus will open Thursday, May 25th at 19:00.
HaMayaan St. 18, Ramat Gan (at Elit Junction).

Facebook | Instagram: @limortamir @yaniv_amar

Photo Credit: Limor Tamir and Tom Marcus 

Participating Artists: Anna Volvovsky, Ans Mansour, Noam Zonshine, Reem Shreem


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